2.Recording Audio Skills

High quality and professional sound can be recorded using inexpensive equipment thats good enough for Radio/Podcast. Pearson Mathew says that “Now, you don’t have to drain your bank account or spend hours setting up an array of equipment”(Ryan, online).

H2n and H4:


Both record good quality audio. H2n tends to pick up more noise when outdoors like wind but is easily avoidable by adjusting levels and record back towards wind. The H4 was more effienct in field work as it has the option to record in stereo.

Example of Audio recorded outdoors whilst windy.  H4, audio was good despite the booms caused by wind. To avoid this, hold the H4 in middle so the sound of the recorder moving is not interfering with the interview. Also use a wind shield. 

Partington says the “addition of sound effects transforms the clean audio of voices reading script into a world that is believable for the listener.”(BBC, online) I will use this  background noise to enhance the atmosphere of my podcast.

Smartphone And Apps

Smartphones offer a more flexible medium to record good quality audio for Radio/ Podcast. Audio apps allow you to edit straight onto your phone and upload on to any platform without having to spend hours editing.

This Raw recording as done using voice memo’s on my iPhone. Despite wind, sound is clear. Perhaps fixed by using apps like recorder plus or connect external mic to make sound less distorted. 

Notice: Sound quality is much better than outdoors using H4. Audio is less distorted and clear. 

Smartphones are good devices to record. However,  H4 and H2 proved be more ideal and realiable. Easier to control and adjust audio levels which allows me to get rid of any sound distorted by wind in editing.


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