3.Operating the Radio studio

Radio Studios contain; microphones, audio playout systems and mixer desks. Studios are also equipped with different input cables which can connect interviewers over Skype and FaceTime.

Me and Tiffany:  The Audio was clean with little or none distortion or pithiness which irritates the listeners. There are moments where movements of our mouth is visible. However, easily avoidable by moving further away from the microphones. Also, can easily cut out in editing process. 

Different Radio Packages:

Donut – Interview where reporter usually records on location.

Donut recorded in a seminar room with utrecht lecturer on a H4.  The h4 was placed between me and the interview so both our audio levels were great. However, remember to introduce interviewee within the donut in own package. 

Linked package: presenters drop in cues and play recorded interviews by reporter.

2 way package: discussion between the presenter and the reporter.

illustrated two way: reporter drops clips in and out of the package.

Semul-rec: Both the reporter interviewee record interview over the phone. Interviewee emails to reporter. Reporter packs package together for the radio.

Skype/facetime interviews- Interviewee Skype call studio.

The raise of digital recording on cheap equipment meant that there are lesser phone interview. “Until relatively recently, Radio 4 would not allow telephone interviews. It’s obviously true that theres a difference in sound quality”. (Green, 2015) BBC own most radio studios in the UK. Following industry practice, i would avoid this technique as it can be temperamental.

Green, B. (2015). Podcast Master: your short guide to broadcasting online. 1st ed. Canelo, p.64


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