Social media and Branding.

I used social media to advertise We The Police and allow my audience to interact and become a part of my podcast. Also social media is a inexpensive way to promote podcasts and build a base. “An Element of interactivity -reading out listeners tweets and emails- is an incredible powerful way of creating a community”(Green, 2015: p81 )  I used Twitter to build a loyal I community for We The Police and a relationship with my listeners.

I tweeted to my followers the topics i was going to discuss within my podcast, what guest i’ve got on the show. I also asked my audience what they think and asked them to tweet in there thoughts in order for them to engage in my podcast. In doing, my audience become a new source of information.

Green says  “Football weekly gets hundreds of listener comment ahead and after every single show, some of the best material on Kermode and Mayo comes directly from listeners” (Green, 2015 p82)

Industry examples:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 19.44.36


Note: I had to upload my social media post after the watershed to avoid any ethical issues of offensive language.

My social media posts:



Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 20.11.54



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